1915 was the best dorm in Butler -- and certainly the most distinct against the hulking brutalism of its neighboring structures. Amid the new and sometimes intimidating campus of Princeton at large was our cozy cabin of warmth and safety. Throughout my years at Princeton and well beyond, despite taking different paths, our crew shared a bond that fell simply under the moniker of 1915; nothing more needed be said. That was our little thing. Our moment in time. I cherish vividly all the mind expanding and altering conversation; the many spins of Radiohead, Sun Ra and Dylan; the many viewings of Guffman and Lebowski; the dedication to Ocarina of Time when we should have been preparing for exams. Despite wanting to move on from residential college life and get on with the real meat of Princeton, in many ways this period has proven with hindsight to be my favorite and most pure. It's a shame we have to say goodbye.

My room first year looked out over an archway that was close to the dining hall and that made a convenient place for many to stop and chat after a meal. I had much fun overhearing many of the happenings of Butler College as people lingered under the arch with friends.

Great place to live in my first year at Princeton. My window had a really pretty view of the trees outside Wu Hall. I’ll miss the building, but I’m excited to see what changes!

Hundred feet from Wu Hall for that last dash for breakfast, wiffleball on the front lawn, intramurals nearby at Poe field, close walk to Wawa for late night snack, and falling asleep to the nightly lawn sprinklers on the clay tennis courts - and no waffle ceilings like the New New Quad...what's not to love!

2003 G7 ALCS. Freshman year; just so happened that my roommate was a huge Yankees fan, and I'm a huge Red Sox fan. Housing always had a knack for putting opposites together...but Greg Haislip and I are still very good friends. I'm watching with Greg and Pete Ryan (another huge Red Sox fan) on our crappy futon in our room. Aaron Boone hits the walk-off home run, Greg stands to start cheering, but Pete and I give him a death stare. Greg proceeds to leave the room, leave 1915, walk across the tennis quad, past the pagoda, and towards Spelman, where we could hear him screaming and cheering in the distance.

I lived in 1915 my Freshman and Sophomore years. I remember there always being a strong camaraderie among my group of suitemates and hallmates. I kept in touch with all of them throughout the four years and even attended some of their weddings later on!

I lived in 1915 for my Freshman year. I remember my roommate, Ted Fellman, teaching me how to shave using a blade (I had only used electric razors previously). I remember Ted's pet rat named Bill, as well as our paper fish also named Bill (after Bill the Cat from Bloom County). I remember eating my first Buffalo Wings, from Athenian, in our room. I remember the easy walk to the tennis courts where Whitman College now stands. I remember the bathroom ran the length of the building in the basement, wearing my Army ROTC boots in the shower to break them in and not being able to lift my hands above my head to wash my hair after our first ROTC PT Test.

Sophomore year 1996-1997 was one of the greatest years of my life. Lived with my two best friends and met my future wife. All while living in 1915.

623 is the best room in 1915 hall. It has five windows, and my favorite memories in that room were listening to the birds and watching the squirrels that would hang out right next to my window. In the winter, with snow was falling against the lamplit evening, it was the most beautiful view. I got to watch the seasons change from the comfort of my room.

...a treasured memory I have is of consistently running into one of my friends in the bathroom at odd times in the early morning and late night. The day I moved out this spring, I had pulled an all-nighter trying to finish packing, and I ran into my friend in the bathroom for the last time, at 4:00 in the morning.

First or second night there, literally my first or second night at college, my roommate walks into our bedroom and says,"Uhhh, there's a snake in the bathroom." We called PSafe, and it was so fun catching the snake in a upside trash can and bringing it outside!

I lived (and learned) in 1915 Hall through a week-long quarantine and virtual semester in Spring 2021 - I associate 1915 Hall with finally being able to return to campus!

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